Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable to the Associated Hebrew Schools public website, as well as information stored in its databases and accessed by AHS staff. 

All personal information (information that identifies an individual) collected by Associated Hebrew Schools (“Associated”), via our website, is stored in a confidential database, and will only be used as a means to inform current and prospective parents and/or alumni and grandparents, of school events and similar information. Associated does not rent, sell or trade this information to individuals or organizations outside of the School.
In accordance with, MFIPPA (Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. M.56) AHS may only use personal information:

  • for the purpose for which it was collected, or for a consistent purpose
  • A consistent purpose is one which the parent or student would reasonably expect, such as using the information for the improvement of instruction of the student
  • with consent
  • for a purpose for which the information may be disclosed to the school under MFIPPA. For example, if another institution disclosed information to the school in a situation affecting an individual’s safety, the school may use the information for this purpose.
AHS employees may not share students’ or parents’ email addresses, or a group of email addresses, with anyone outside of the AHS domain and/or without express permission and consent. 
Access to personal information will be restricted to authorized Associated personnel who require personal information to disseminate school publications, bulletins and updates. All Associated personnel handling this information have been briefed on our privacy policy and procedures. Associated is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of the personal information it collects and the privacy of the individuals who share their personal information with the School. Your information is kept secure via a secure database with restricted access and frequent  monitoring. Please note that limited information about current Associated families may be shared with specific partners, such as our Parent Teacher Council for specific purposes, such as to provide addresses to other current Associated families for Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitations. Parents should consult an up-to-date copy of the Associated parent manual for more information regarding the very few circumstances where their personal information and/or that of Associated students may be shared outside of the School.

Individuals can contact the School to make an inquiry about the management of their information if they have concerns about the management of their information that they would like Associated to investigate, or for further information on Associated’s privacy policy and procedures. Changes to personal information can be submitted to the school’s Office Managers or IT staff by telephone. To obtain access to your information, please submit a detailed written request to Emails submitted to Associated become property of Associated and may be used for educational, fundraising and promotional purposes.

The Associated website uses cookies to enhance visitors’ browsing experience. While these cookies may store information, such as browser type and IP Address, they are in no way attached to personally identifying information such as a visitor’s name, email address or phone number. These cookies are also stored on a secure web-server and are kept for no longer than one year.

Associated uses a not-for-profit, third party service, Blackbaud Payment Services, to process our online donations. Website links referring to “Online Donations” or any variation thereof are internal links, and direct the browser to the school’s Blackbaud servers, which is governed by both Blackbaud and Associated’s privacy policies. Except where the donor opts to keep his or her donation(s) anonymous, personal information collected by our website may be used to solicit future volunteer and/or financial support.
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