Head of School Welcome

Shalom! Welcome to Associated Hebrew Schools!


“יש לכוון את החניך בהתאם לדרכו המיוחדת לו בעתיד, ההולמת את התכונות והנטיות הרדומות בעמקי נפשו, וכך לחנך אותו לקראת המטרה הטהורה, האנושית והיהודית כאחת.” – הרש”ר הירש


“One must direct the learner as befits their unique path in the future, appropriate to the traits and leanings innate to the depths of their soul, and thus to educate them to achieve their purest goal, human and Jewish as one.” – Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch.
Here at Associated Hebrew Schools (AHS), we provide heart-centered education inspired by kids. Guided by our love for children, we work to build our students’ identities as people, as learners, and as Jews. We are led by our hearts and theirs, as we engage in the continual pursuit of building the best educational experience for our children and our community.


At AHS, we continuously look upon challenges as opportunities, and foster in our students the growth mindset that enables them to do the same. We are committed to learning about the unique needs and characteristics of each one of our learners, to best direct them each on their own unique paths to success. We imagine futures for education with children’s best interests at heart, looking at everything through the lens of innovation.


While we have always been future-focused, we remain firmly anchored by our core Jewish values and traditional roots. Our faculty collaboratively pursues our mission of “Innovating Tradition, and Traditionalizing Innovation,” by integrating Jewish learning with twenty-first century concepts and skills. We carefully craft learning opportunities that allow our students to connect with their Jewish heritage in relevant and meaningful ways, while developing competencies that will empower them to solve real-world problems, achieve their personal best, and be leaders amongst the Jewish and global community.


As a community school, we welcome all members of the Jewish community, and ensure everyone feels welcome. We celebrate our differences and variety in thinking and beliefs, valuing how each of our personal journeys bring us to the shared vision, mission, and goals of Associated. The story of AHS is the story of Jewish education bringing so many different threads together. The AHS community can best be described as a mosaic, and this is one of our school’s greatest strengths. We cultivate a strong sense of community amongst a diverse group of people, and we do this by teaching values of inclusion, empathy, and celebration of individuality. Through living these values, our students go on to achieve personal fulfilment and great success as leaders, innovators, and scholars in the Jewish and global communities.


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our family (mishpacha), Mishpachat Associated!

Dr. Lee-Ron Shulman-Kaye
Head of School

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