Inspired by Associated

Inspired by Associated

By: Jodi Pasoff

I am a proud AHS alumna and the excellent Jewish education that I received at AHS deeply impacted many of my personal and professional choices in life.  Our family business, family values, the education of our children, and my own volunteerism have all been shaped by our connection to Associated.

My husband Jeff and I run Dignity Transportation, which is a privately owned transportation company for people with special needs.  We work together to grow the company, taking care to treat our clients with the dignity that everyone deserves. Operating this type of business, I feel that the sense of derech eretz that was instilled in me as an Associated student has been incredibly valuable. It is imperative to keep the customer’s best interest at heart, and Associated taught me to care for and take responsibility for others, which guides my professional ethos.

As a parent, my husband and I wanted to instil those same values in our sons, who are both proud AHS graduates.  I have also been very involved with the school as a parent volunteer.  I’ve held many roles; from organizing pizza lunches, to Parent Teacher Council, to chairing the Va’ad Ha’chinuch (Education Committee) of the Associated Board.  I have made many great friends, worked on projects such as the “More Please” cookbook, and I have been able to make an impact and contribute my time and energy towards a school I love!

If you’re looking for ways to get involved with Associated, I encourage you do to so; the benefits you’ll experience are endless. A great place to start is with our PTC, who run so many incredible initiatives in support of our school. Visit the PTC web page to learn more.

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