Looking towards 2020 with excitement

Looking towards 2020 with excitement

By: Elaine Osher, Board President

It’s been an active Summer and Fall full of consultation and meaningful discussion. I have had the pleasure of reconnecting with old friends and meeting with, and learning from, new parents from across our diverse school community.

This week, the Board of Directors announced the new home of the Kamin branch. There will be some people who agree with this decision, and others with differing views. Regardless of viewpoint, we feel passionately and this is because we all care.

We care about our children’s safety and academic, social and spiritual growth. We care about our teachers and principals. We care about the future of Jewish education and we care about the impact of decisions – such as the one made this week – on the generations of tomorrow.

The same debates that so many of you had around your kitchen tables were had around our boardroom table.  The Board, comprised of current and past parents, understands first-hand the challenges every family faces in prioritizing and sacrificing for Jewish education. We understand first-hand the love for Associated and the sentiment that only AHS is “the right fit” for your family.

I want to personally thank everyone who has shown up for meetings, made calls to donors and reached out to prospective parents looking for a school community for their young children. Thank you to everyone who posted on our Community Conversation Facebook group, sent emails, attended information sessions and meetings. Thank you for showing your passion for Jewish education and AHS education.

Your voices have all been heard. And, while the decision of where to move the Kamin branch was complex and multifaceted, we are now excited to embrace this new chapter and are looking towards the future.

We are eager to start the process of meeting with architects and reimagining and repurposing the Hurwich Education Centre, the new home for the Kamin elementary school and Danilack middle school.

We are excited for our principals, teachers and students to work and learn every day in a positive, vibrant and active space where academic excellence will continue to thrive in a traditional Jewish environment that is, Associated Hebrew Schools.

My door is always open for anyone with questions or concerns. I can be reached at president@ahschools.com.

Shabbat shalom.

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