Meet our team of principals!

Meet our team of principals!

Meet Reesa Karch, Judith Shapero, Ora Shulman and Karen Sitnik – our passionate team of AHS principals! All you have to do is walk through our halls to see the evidence of their leadership and witness their talented teachers in action.

Unwavering academic excellence grounded by a rich traditional Jewish environment is what our students count on every day. But, it is our diverse community that so many consider our secret sauce.

Diversity at AHS is represented in religious affiliation, socio-economic background and learning styles. Our principals use this diversity to build a school environment that is thriving and a true microcosm of the broader Jewish community.

Like all communities, friendship and support is at the core. Each of our principals know their students and parents by name. It is very common for them to also know their students’ grandparents.

Building community starts by taking an interest in one another, reaching out and sharing. If you are new to Associated this year, or you are a long-time AHS family, be sure to get to know your branch principal.

To help, here is some interesting information about our principals, so the next time you see them in the halls, at events, or at morning drop-off, you have some great conversation starters!


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