• Prioritization on teacher development to ensure student success
  • Creators of standards and benchmarks in teaching Rabbinics
  • Education that connects students’ spiritual, emotional social and physical growth
  • Technological integration supportive of curricular goals
  • Forefront of teaching Hebrew language acquisition
  • Tailored teaching to each students particular strength to maximize outcome
  • Regular participation and awards in:
    • Royal Canadian Legion Public Speaking contest
    • The Julia and Henry Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Education Creative Writing Contest
    • Chidon Hatanach
    • Caribou Math Contest
    • Canadian Math League
    • Gauss Math Contest
    • My Family Story (international Israeli art exhibition)
  • Academic enrichment opportunities and additional support
  • Deep connection to Israel, historical and modern-day, including the integration of Shinshinim and Israeli Graduate Fellowship programs
  • Family participation in key milestones and ceremonies helping students experience Judaism in an authentic, experiential and exciting context
  • Creative and engaging Shabbat, Jewish and Israeli holiday programming
  • Year-round student leadership and involvement in tikun olam (social justice activities based on the Jewish concept of repairing the world). Derech eretz (consideration for others) integrated into all aspects of student life
  • One of the largest number of students in the GTA benefiting from our strong tuition support program
  • Robust Centre for Diverse Learning to provide enrichment and support to all types of learners
  • A welcoming, supportive community of families, which for many have become a key support system
  • Student population represents the spectrum of Jewish affiliation, mirroring the Toronto Jewish community

From left to right, top row: Marty Rochwerg, Ozzie and Stefanie Goldschmied. Bottom row: Jakob, Emily and Noah Goldschmied.

Associated Hebrew Schools has a rich history. From the school’s inception, Associated has charted a visionary path that has shaped the character of Jewish education in Toronto.

In 1907, the Simcoe Street Talmud Torah, under the leadership of Rabbi Jacob Gordon z”I, broke new ground. Modern Hebrew language was used to teach Judaic subjects. Secular courses were integrated to expand into a full-day school, and children from across the diverse Jewish community learned side-by-side.

The result of our over 100-year educational mission is nothing less than spectacular. Today, Associated Hebrew Schools has three campuses that extend from south (Wilson) to north (Atkinson), that includes two preschools, two elementary schools and one middle school.

Our graduates include pioneers in medicine, noted authors, and historians. They are Jewish educators, media and entertainment personalities. They are accomplished in business and are changing the world through innovation.

Above all, they are citizens of the world with the grounding that comes from seeing the world through a Jewish lens and a fierce pride for Israel.